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It’s our aim to make life as easy as possible for you. That’s why we’ve teamed up with industry-leading providers to offer a range of extra, high quality services. Between us, we can meet most of your financial planning and house-moving needs. All of the following services will be referred to a third party. 
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Of course, no one likes to think about their own death. But whether or not you have dependents, it’s important to consider where your money and property will go when you die. After all, you can’t take it with you! 
If you want the added peace of mind, knowing that your will is professionally written - we can put you in touch with trusted advisors who will discuss your wishes and help you achieve them. 
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We can put you in touch with reputable providers who can help you set up a trust to manage your money, investments, land or buildings. A trust can be set up as part of the will-writing process – often to protect your children’s inheritance until they reach a certain age – although this isn’t always the case. 
It is important to get professional advice in this area, we can arrange a call with a trusted provider for your peace of mind. 
Utility discounts 
Why spend more on electricity and gas than you need to? And why spend hours looking on price comparison websites when our utility broker partners can deal with everything for you? 
They’ll find the right deal for your property type, family needs and consumption levels, and set everything up on your behalf. It’s a simple way to save money and make life easier. 
We can also put you in touch with people who can broker you a fantastic deal for other services, too, including mobile phone, landline and broadband contracts. They often have access to exclusive deals that aren’t available elsewhere, especially when you place multiple services with a single provider. 
If you’re buying or selling a house, you’ll need a conveyancing service. There’s a dazzling array of solicitors’ firms out there, both online and on the high street, and a huge variation in costs and customer service levels. 
We work with leading conveyancers in the south of England who we know will charge you a fair price and give you the service you deserve. 
And if you need a solicitor for any other reason, we can put you in touch with the right people – from business mediators to family lawyers. Just ask us and we’ll be pleased to help. 
Estate agents 
Just like solicitors, not all estate agents are created equal. Levels of commission and customer service can vary hugely. 
We understand that everyone has different preferences– for example, you might want the estate agent to handle viewings for you or be happy to do this yourself. We work with several leading companies who can put together a tailored package that meets your needs and fits with your budget. 
When you take out a new mortgage, it’s always a good idea to review the rest of your finances as well. 
This is especially important if you don’t have a pension, or want to review your current arrangements, of if you’ve had an inheritance or other windfall that needs to be properly invested. 
Our trusted financial advice partners will be able to help. Trained and qualified, they’re also highly experienced and have helped dozens of our clients make the right choices for planning their retirement and investing their assets. They can even visit you at home to discuss your requirements before explaining your pension and investment options in detail. 
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